John Cloud

John Cloud is a senior writer at Time. He has won numerous awards, including a National Press Club prize in 2005 for political journalism and a GLAAD award for his story "The New Face of Gay Power." He covers health and social issues for the magazine and for Healthland. He is married and lives in New York City.

Articles from Contributor

House Watch: When Luck Takes Over

House M.D. is usually obsessed with lying, but last night it reached for a lesson in luck. What happens if you win the lottery but also develop three different types of cancer at once?

House Watch: Can Canned Pheasant Kill You?

House lost a team member last night, and he didn’t save a life. A recap and the diagnoses are below, but first the standard spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched the episode, “Last Temptation,” order some chicken and fire

House Watch: What Causes Obsessive Hoarding?

“The bitch is back,” House says in last night’s episode, “The Dig,” which featured the return of Olivia Wilde, who had been off filming Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens and other movies. Our little Thirteen is quickly …

House Watch: Return to the Dark Side

Like any show in its latter days, House M.D. has struggled during its seventh season to do two things: seem relevant to young audiences and also stay true to the procedural rhythms that have made it a reliable slot in the Fox …

How Being a Jerk Shortens Your Life

Beware jocks and mean girls: you may be more popular in high school, but according to a new academic paper, it is the smart kids and conscientious glee-club types who will live longer. Not only that, they will suffer fewer …

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