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Dr. Oz’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions

America’s favorite doc has some powerful ideas about how we can get — or stay — healthy in the new year. It may not be possible for all 300 million of us to have a private sit-down with Dr. Oz, but here’s the next best thing.

5 Weight Loss Apps That Work

Losing weight is hard to do in a vacuum — you need support and motivation to stay on track. These apps do everything from count calories to keep food diaries, and help you stay focused on your goal.

Happy New Year, from the Healthland Team!

At Healthland, we like to practice what we preach. So we are taking the rest of the day off today in order to relax, unwind and focus on our own wellness. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to do the same. Please check back on …

Clues to the Genetic Roots of ADHD

Too much soda, candy and bad parenting have been cleared of full blame for children’s hyperactivity and uncontrollable behavior — at least according to a new study that has identified certain genetic abnormalities associated with ADHD.

How Much Happiness Can Money Buy? About $75,000 Worth

People say money doesn’t make you happy. Except, according to a new study by Princeton University researchers, it actually sort of does — at least up to about $75,000 a year. In an article published on Time.com on Monday, Belinda Luscombe reports: “The lower a person’s income falls below that benchmark, the unhappier he or she

Understanding the Frightened Mind

When you’re scared, do you find yourself frozen stiff or trying to escape?

Scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and GlaxoSmithKline say they’ve uncovered the neural switch that regulates between an active or …

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