Do compression clothes really impact sport performance?

Two new studies from researchers at Indiana University suggest that the new fad of athletes wearing compression clothing to enhance performance may be little more than that, a fad. In two separate inquiries analyzing the effect of compression legwear on athletic performance, Abigail Laymon and Nathan Eckert both found no evidence for

What does a clean house have to do with health?

If you have a clean house, chances are, you’ve also got a fit body, according to new research by physical activity expert NiCole Keith at Indiana University.

Keith’s team looked at the relationship between physical activity levels in urban African American adults and a range of factors in their residential environments — …

How exercise works at the cellular level

We all know that exercise is good for us, but do we know why? How do those hours of sweating it out on a treadmill or pushing yourself in a weight training regimen actually help your cells and tissues to get healthier?

Two papers by separate groups may provide some intriguing answers. One team, led by researchers at the …

Study: too few places to exercise

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may provide some explanation for why the obesity rate among youngsters continues to climb.

According to the report, released by the government agency, most Americans don’t live in communities where they are encouraged — by parks, sidewalks and playgrounds — to become …

Are elite athletes equipped with “sports genes”?

An article in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated examining the latest science on genetic influence over athletic ability suggests that the world’s elite athletes aren’t necessary equipped higher proportions of superpowered genes. In fact, David Epstein writes that when it comes to genes that research has linked to athletic

The health dangers of piling up bad habits

At this point, most of us generally have a clue about the basics of staying in good health—eat well, exercise, don’t drink too much and don’t smoke. And plenty of research has been dedicated to exploring how failing on any of those fronts, or even more than one at a time, can be detrimental to overall health. Yet, for many people,

How much exercise do women need to stay trim?

For middle-aged women who aren’t counting calories, how much exercise does it take to keep off extra weight? According to a new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, roughly an hour per day. Though current recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services suggest that a weekly 150

Trial run: testing the barefoot running trend

I don’t particularly enjoy running. On the other hand, I don’t particularly enjoy being overweight and out of shape either, so I do it — usually about three times a week, depending on my work schedule and willpower. But over the years I’ve developed chronic soreness in my knees and lower back, which I attribute at least in …

Do fancy running shoes do more harm than good?

If you’re a runner, odds are pretty good that you’ve been injured at some point in the last year or two. Journalist Christopher McDougall has an interesting and no doubt controversial explanation. It’s your shoes, he says. There’s too much of them: too much cushioning, too much arch support, too much stabilization, too much …

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