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Sports and booze, time for a break-up?

There is a long-standing love affair between sports and alcohol, and the mementos of this relationship abound at football stadiums, baseball parks, and of course, in TV advertising. (As of 2003, some 60% of the advertising budget for the American alcohol industry was dedicated to commercials during televised games, according to data from

Why the sourpuss? Maybe it’s your low-carb diet

To any dieter who has ever sworn off bread and pasta, the next sentence may come as no surprise. A new study, published in the Nov.9th issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, shows that after dieting for one year, people following strict, low-carb diets had more bad moods than dieters eating a high-carb (albeit low-fat) diet. And, …

Green tea’s promise of cancer prevention grows

Green tea may be considered a little woo-woo by some mainstream cancer experts but the popular beverage continues to creep toward credibility as a weapon against many forms of the disease. The best studies to date hint that green tea may help ward off cancers of the breast and prostate. And this week oral cancer came one step closer to …

Downward Dog Fights Eating Disorders

Yoga for teens could be more than a spiritual and physical boost—a new randomized controlled trial suggests that it may help those with anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

The study included 50 adolescents aged 11-16, the vast majority of whom were girls. They were seriously ill. Nearly half had previously been …

Vitamin D levels lacking in millions of U.S. children

Millions of American children may not be getting enough vitamin D, according to a new report out today. The sunshine vitamin is essential for helping kids build healthy bones and ward off rickets. Plus, new evidence shows it may ward off colds, childhood wheezing, and winter-related eczema. The study, published in the November issue of

Hot dogs, pizza, and mac’n cheese on the chopping block?

Sure, kids love hot dogs, pizza, and mac’n cheese, but, when it comes to school lunches, the United States can and should do better says a blistering report issued this week by the Institute of Medicine. The report says schools need to bump up servings of fruits and vegetables, swap refined grains with their whole cousins, and replace …

Mercury not found to be higher in blood of children with autism

Mercury—a potent neurotoxin—has long been the whipping post of parents-turned-autism-activists, scientific evidence be damned. But a study published online yesterday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives casts further doubt on the tenuous connection between the heavy metal and the devastating brain disorder. In what is …

You must be “this tall” to participate in this triathlon?

An article that ran in the New York Times last week highlighted a growing trend of children—as young as age 3—participating in triathlons. And while it incorporated measured responses from a variety of people—an orthopedic surgeon warning parents to exercise caution with kids under age 7, a coach who specializes in training

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