Paying pregnant women not to have abortions

The governor of the Lombardy province of northern Italy introduced a policy that would offer pregnant women $5,500 (€4,500) not to end their pregnancies, the BBC reports. Under the policy, established by governor Roberto Formigoni, only pregnant women facing severe economic hardship would be eligible for the payment.

Abortion ad sparks controversy in the U.K.

Marie Stopes International, a sexual health group akin to the U.S.’s Planned Parenthood that provides abortions and other services at clinics throughout the U.K., has purchased a time slot for a 30-second commercial scheduled to air Monday night, the Telegraph reports. The ad — which does not mention the word abortion, but directs

Preventing childhood obesity from pregnancy on

While applauding the First Lady’s efforts to combat childhood obesity through the Let’s Move initiative, researchers from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco say that the campaign’s efforts focused primarily on behavioral and nutritional intervention—in school or at home—will yield “limited

Assessing gestational diabetes risks—for mom and baby

Previous diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes were based on the risk, posed by high blood sugar levels, that pregnant women faced for developing diabetes after giving birth. And, under those criteria, rates of gestational diabetes have surged nearly 50% in the past decade, with 5% to 8% of pregnant women being diagnosed with the

Some Asian-American women at higher risk for diabetes during pregnancy

Chinese-American and Korean-American women have far higher risks of developing diabetes during pregnancy compared with African American and white women, according to a study published in the December issue of the journal Ethnicity and Disease. The research, funded by the American Diabetes Association, expands on previous findings

More Evidence Favoring Flu Vaccines in Pregnancy

Pregnant and considering whether or not to get a flu vaccine? Three new studies—as well as a growing body of research related to the effects of flu on the developing fetus—suggest that vaccination is the best option. In the studies, vaccinated women who were pregnant during flu season were much less likely to have premature or …

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