Ill-fitting condoms undermine use, STD protection

Wearing a condom that doesn’t fit correctly—is too big, for example—may increase the chances of the condom breaking, slipping or coming off or being taken off during intercourse, increasing the risk for sexually transmitted infections, according to a study from researchers at the College of Public Health at the University of

Happy New Year! Don’t forget contraception

It’s New Year’s Eve, and for many people that means some confetti, bubbly and even a midnight kiss. But if you hope that for that kiss to turn into something more, safe sex advocates emphasize the importance of curbing your cocktail intake, and remembering contraception. Research sponsored by the sexual health non-profit group Marie

Beginning sex younger increases cervical cancer risk

Girls who begin having sexual intercourse at a younger age may have a significantly higher risk for developing cervical cancer, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer. As the BBC reports, in a study of some 20,000 women, investigators from the International Agency for Research on Cancer found that those who

NYC condom wrapper competition

In an effort to promote condom use, New York City health officials are opening up package design of the NYC Condom to creative Big Apple residents. Health officials say that the debut of the NYC Condom on Valentine’s Day 2007 drove a jump in condom distribution—half a year after the New York City subway-inspired wrappers on Lifestyle

Sex and youth: plenty to talk about

Two studies out this week about sexuality and youth underscore a point once made by Dr. Joseph Hagan, clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and a practicing pediatrician. Talking about when he would recommend that parents broach the uncomfortable, yet inevitable, subject of sex with their kids.

Viagra for women?

Some of the best inventions come about by accident—take corn flakes, for example, silly putty, or, of course, Viagra, which was originally designed as a heart medication. And now, in the tradition of accidental innovation, a team of U.S. researchers are hopeful that while their attempt to create a successful antidepressant for women

What’s driving the surge in STDs?

New data released by the Centers for Disease Control show that, in spite of public health efforts and education campaigns to combat them, sexually transmitted diseases continue to rise, with 19 million new cases costing the U.S. health care system some $15.9 billion annually. But what exactly is driving this surge—higher levels of

Politics can be bad for the libido

Republicans suffered a set back last November in more ways than one. A new study appearing today in the medical journal PLOS One shows that, in the hours after Obama was announced the 44th president of the United States, male, college-aged McCain fans experienced an immediate drop in testosterone. For the study, 183 people offered up …

The evolutionary of roots of “cuddle hormone” oxytocin

A hormone known as the “cuddle chemical” helps humans to form monogamous bonds, to feel a loving attachment to their kids, and even to produce breast milk. Now, a new report in Science shows that an avian version of that very same hormone also helps birds to stick together as a flock — a sign that of our seemingly unique social bonds …

The Science of One-Night Stands

In a confirmation of persistent stereotypes, an international team of psychologists have determined that when it comes to one-night stands, men have much lower standards than women do. The study, published in the journal Human Nature, revealed that when asked whether they would “go out with,” “go home with,” or “go to bed with,” a member …

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