How much exercise do women need to stay trim?

For middle-aged women who aren’t counting calories, how much exercise does it take to keep off extra weight? According to a new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, roughly an hour per day. Though current recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services suggest that a weekly 150

Potential Alzheimer’s drug fails clinical trial

A drug that held hope for many Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones failed a late-stage clinical trial, proving negligible benefits over placebo, the New York Times reports. The drug, called Dimebon (latrepirdine), was being developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer together with a small new company, Medivation, but failed to meet

Children born to older mothers at higher risk for autism

Women who give birth after age 40 face a higher risk of having an autistic child, regardless of the father’s age, according to a comprehensive study of all births in the state of California in the 1990s. Researchers from the University of California, Davis, found that a woman who gave birth after age 40 was 50% more likely to have an

Dangerous duo? Herbal remedies and heart meds

Herbal remedies like ginkgo biloba and St. John’s wort have grown in popularity in recent years as natural treatments for everything from fatigue and depression to headache and anxiety. Yet, according to a review article published in the February 9 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, for patients taking certain

For seniors, higher copays may have hidden costs

Even among Americans with health insurance, getting adequate medical care can mean facing some financial hurdles. According to some estimates, as many as 25 million Americans are “underinsured,” or technically have health insurance, but cannot afford the copayments, deductibles and other fees that represent the gap between their

Can blueberry juice boost your memory?

It’s hard to find fresh blueberries this time of year, but you might consider buying blueberry juice, particularly if you’re having chronic trouble remembering where you put the car keys. According to a small new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, drinking blueberry juice can actually improve your …

Growing evidence for an Alzheimer’s smell test?

Loss of smell is often an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, and, according to new research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, could possibly serve as a warning sign at the onset of the disease. Previous research has explored the relationship between loss of smell—or olfactory dysfunction—and the accumulation of a protein

Are kids too clean for their own good?

Raising children in an über-hygienic atmosphere may inhibit immune system development key to fighting infection and disease later in life, according to a new study from researchers at Northwestern University. Researchers followed a group of more than 3,000 Filipino children from their mother’s third trimester of pregnancy through 22

Looking younger may mean living longer

Informally, it’s a measure medical professionals have been using for centuries—if an adult patient looks “old for his age,” that’s generally considered a sign of poor health. A new study published in the British Medical Journal put that folk wisdom to the test, in a study of more than 1,800 twins ages 70 and older. As part of the

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