Alzheimer’s Disease

A Better Test to Predict Alzheimer’s?

Among the many difficult features of Alzheimer’s is that doctors can never really say with certainty which patients who show signs of memory loss will go on to develop the neurodegenerative disorder.

Study: A Blood Test May Predict Alzheimer’s

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, with its symptoms of memory loss and gradual slowing of brain functions, is challenging enough already. But for those who are affected, one of the condition’s most frustrating …

Alzheimer’s: Largely a Woman’s Issue

Recently the Alzheimer’s Association teamed up with California’s First Lady Maria Shriver and issued The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s, based on a survey of 3,118 American adults about the experience and …

Study: Walking Is a Brain Exercise Too

I am often teased for my stubborn habit of traveling by foot. I often walk the 3 mi. home from work rather than take the subway. When I visit less pedestrian-friendly cities, kindhearted motorists regularly pull over and offer me …

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