Alcohol may increase risk of breast cancer recurrence

For breast cancer survivors, regular consumption of alcohol may increase the risk for a recurrence of the disease, according to research presented this week at a conference of the American Association for Cancer Research in Houston. In a study of nearly 1,900 women who had initially been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer between

Hops compound may help prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer researchers are enthusiastic about new findings that suggest a natural compound found in hops plants might help to prevent the disease. The findings were presented this week at the Cancer Prevention Research Conference, hosted by the American Association for Cancer Research in Houston. Earlier research into the compound

Prostate cancer research: exercise and coffee

Preliminary research presented this week at the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research conference in Houston, reveals promising findings about the role that exercise and coffee could play in the fight against prostate cancer. An analysis of activity levels among 2,686 prostate cancer patients showed that men who jogged, played tennis or

New research on cell phones and brain tumors

As cell phones are growing more prevalent—an estimated 270 million Americans now have one—concerns about the health risks of the mobile devices are increasing as well. As Bryan Walsh reported for TIME earlier this year, the growing trend of cell phone use—or, cast in a different light, of holding tiny emitters of low-level

HPV vaccine protection lasts more than 6 years

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Cervarix, produced by GlaxoSmithKline, offers protection against the two major cancer-causing strains of HPV, (HPV-16 and HPV-18) for more than 6 years, according to research published online today in the British medical journal the Lancet. The analysis, led by Dr. Cosette Wheeler from the

Can morphine accelerate the spread of cancer?

Research presented last week at a major cancer research conference suggests that morphine, which is regularly prescribed to cancer patients to treat pain, may actually spur cancer growth. For the past seven years, the notion that opiates might stimulate cancer growth has slowly been gaining attention in the medical research community,

Former Kiss Drummer Battled Breast Cancer

Peter Criss grew concerned after he noticed a small lump in his left breast. When the Catman, as he was known during his days as the make-up smeared drummer for Kiss, noticed that the lump was growing larger and more painful, he decided to see a doctor. After a series of tests, he soon learned that he had breast cancer, the Associated

Green tea’s promise of cancer prevention grows

Green tea may be considered a little woo-woo by some mainstream cancer experts but the popular beverage continues to creep toward credibility as a weapon against many forms of the disease. The best studies to date hint that green tea may help ward off cancers of the breast and prostate. And this week oral cancer came one step closer to …

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