Clinical Practice

Prostate Cancer Screening: Why Can’t Doctors Agree?

According to a U.S. government advisory panel, almost no one should get screened for prostate cancer. But a new study this week reflects the continued view of many physicians — that screening does help to catch tumors earlier. …

Diagnosing Heart Disease, Faster

Adding a test can help doctors diagnose heart disease among people who arrive in the emergency room with chest pains. The test helps patients get home faster — but the jury’s still out on whether it’s good for them overall

CT Scans in Childhood Can Triple the Risk of Cancer

Children who underwent multiple CT scans had three times the risk of brain cancer and leukemia later on. Overall, however, researchers say the risk of cancer is still small, while getting a necessary scan can potentially save a …

House Watch: The Return to Princeton Plainsboro

A football game pushed House M.D. out of its time slot last night, so my DVR missed it. I watched this morning on iTunes, so sorry for the delay. And a serious spoiler alert this week: if your DVR also had Terra Nova where House

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