Clinical Practice

House Watch: The Season Finale Edition

House M.D. completed its seventh season last night with a giant crash, one that would seem to divide House from Princeton-Plainsboro forever. More details (and diagnoses in bold) below — but first:

House Watch: Bathtub Surgery Edition

House gave new meaning to the phrase “Doctor, heal thyself” last night. He not only self-medicated, which he does usually does with epic amounts of Vicodin. This time he actually self-operated, cutting into that mangy leg.

House Watch: The Spanish Fly Edition

House is generally a self-destructive guy — the whole conceit of House M.D. is that he’s the sick but brilliant doctor who can heal everyone but himself. But last night we saw him injecting junk into his arm, so the stakes …

Happy Clean Your Hands Day!

You should listen to your mother: always wash your hands. That’s especially true if you work in health care, where poor hand hygiene can be matter of life and death.

House Watch: Is Heroism a Sign of Brain Disease?

House M.D. is back after a mid-season hiatus, which means House Watch is back. This week’s return episode, “Larger Than Life,” hews closely to House M.D.’s procedural formula, which is a safe but smart move after all that …

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