Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Treating Hemophilia

Despite the vast promise of the genetic revolution in medicine, the fact remains that the hype has far outpaced the reality. Experiments with gene therapy, for instance, in which a new or corrected version of missing or damaged …

Elizabeth Taylor’s Killer Beauty

Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t one for understatement: she had eight marriages, won two Oscars and was a bold pioneer in AIDS activism. And let’s not forget those captivating violet eyes. Now, according to Slate’s Brow Beat blog, …

How Being a Jerk Shortens Your Life

Beware jocks and mean girls: you may be more popular in high school, but according to a new academic paper, it is the smart kids and conscientious glee-club types who will live longer. Not only that, they will suffer fewer …

Study: You Are What Your Dad Ate

Imagine if you bequeathed your children not just your genetic material, but also the consequences of your own eating habits. A study published on Dec. 23 in the journal Cell demonstrates that your diet can indeed make a …

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