Reproductive Health

No Decline in Sperm Counts After All, Danish Data Show

In the dystopian book and film Children of Men, human beings suddenly stop being able to have children. There’s no real explanation given for the change — though there’s talk of a precipitous decline in sperm count quality — but the loss of the ability to reproduce essentially robs humanity of its future, and leads to the utter …

Who’s Using the Morning-After Pill?

The rate of women using emergency contraception in 2006-08 more than doubled, compared with the rate in the previous four to six years, according to a new study from the Guttmacher Institute. So who is taking the “morning-after” pill?

Could Lab-Grown Sperm Help Infertile Men?

In most mammals, it takes more than month to complete the complex, multistage process of making sperm — which is why scientists have had trouble growing sperm cells in the lab. But now Japanese researchers report success, using …

Stress Doesn’t Hurt Chances of Success with IVF

Of all the factors that infertile couples worry about, they can now stop worrying about one: worry. It turns out that stress and tension, while detrimental to overall health, may have little impact on couples’ chances of …

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