Want to Be Heard? Try Changing the Way You Talk

We all know that frequent verbal ticks, such as “like” and “you know,” can turn listeners off. But what about the pace, pitch and fluency of your speech? Are others more likely to tune in if you’re a high-talker, for instance, or

Could Lactose Intolerance Be All in Your Head?

Most people who suffer from the telltale symptoms of bloating, gas, gut pain and nausea after consuming milk believe they have lactose intolerance. But a new Italian study suggests that only a third of such patients actually do. …

When Lunch Is Served, So Is Justice

“There’s an old trope that says justice is ‘what the judge ate for breakfast,'” writes Ed Yong on Discover Magazine’s “Not Exactly Rocket Science” blog — which is to say that “the law, being a human concoction, is subject to …

House Watch: What Causes Obsessive Hoarding?

“The bitch is back,” House says in last night’s episode, “The Dig,” which featured the return of Olivia Wilde, who had been off filming Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens and other movies. Our little Thirteen is quickly …

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