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Smells like childhood: Early scents make big impression

If it seems that you recall particular scents from childhood more vividly than other (more recent) smells, there may be a bona fide biological reason. New research suggests that these “first scents” occupy a privileged place in the brain.

For the study, appearing online in Current Biology, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of …

Fitness fades with age, more so after 45

Watch out for that mid-life speed bump—turns out age 45 is a doozy. A report published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine upends conventional wisdom about fitness and aging.

Until now, most experts thought people’s fitness levels declined in a linear fashion as they aged. But the new report suggests the downward march …

Weight-loss surgery not a surefire bet for superobese

Weight-loss surgery is often heralded as a relatively risk-free procedure, especially compared to the health problems that can go hand-in-hand with obesity. But, for the heaviest among us—the so-called superobese—the decision to go under the knife is not one to be taken lightly. According to a study published in this month’s Archives

Think before you drink for your health

In our science-via-soundbite culture, it’s easy to glom onto health news that validates the things we love—what? coffee might prevent Alzheimer’s? pass the triple Americano—and ignore headlines that threatens to dampen the fun, such as the drawbacks of drinking.

Everyone’s heard the news that moderate drinking may thwart heart …

When medicine isn’t enough, use your imagination

Children with persistent abdominal pain were able to find some relief through a novel technique that recruited their imaginations, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. Of the study participants, half regularly listened to recordings that instructed them to imagine themselves floating on a cloud, for example,

Sit up straight, it can boost your confidence

Wear clean underwear, brush your teeth, say please and thank you—and sit up straight. Once again, it turns out that mom may have science on her side when it comes to doling out advice. In addition to the benefits to your muscles and spine, good posture can also help boost your confidence, according to psychologists at Ohio State and

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