‘Mind Reading’

Q&A: The Surprising Upside of Getting Old

Americans have tremendous fear of aging — and a great deal of prejudice against the elderly. But, as the joke has it, being old is better than the alternative. And, despite our fears, new research suggests that being old is …

Q&A: Using Peer Pressure to Change the World

Virtually every day, a new study comes out suggesting that feeling close to others and having strong relationships boost health, happiness and longevity. From brain studies on the stress-relieving powers of the “love hormone” …

Q&A: How the New Science of Adult Attachment Can Improve Your Love Life

People tend to think of “attachment” and “bonding” as the subjects of child psychology, but in fact, these factors are just as important to adult health and happiness. So what defines the healthy adult relationship — is there such a thing as too “clingy” or “dependent?” — and can people change in order to find lasting love?

Q&A: An Interview with Oliver Sacks

Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist and professor at Columbia University Medical Center, may be better known to many as a literary pioneer. His books, which include Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, introduced …

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