Health Care

Social Reactions: Bitter Pill — Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

The new issue of TIME magazine explores the problem of rising medical bills, examining who is setting such high prices and pocketing the biggest profits. Read social media reaction to the cover story here, and share your own thoughts at #bitterpill.

Sound Off: Are Medical Bills Too High? Tell Us Why

$7 for a gauze pad, $995 for the ambulance ride, $13,225 for one day in the ICU—has the cost of medical care become untenably high? Comment in the space below, sharing your experiences, insights and strategies for navigating the American healthcare system.

Prostate Cancer Screening: Why Can’t Doctors Agree?

According to a U.S. government advisory panel, almost no one should get screened for prostate cancer. But a new study this week reflects the continued view of many physicians — that screening does help to catch tumors earlier. …

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