Are Foreclosures Making Us Sick?

How stressful is foreclosure? A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) finds that when a community’s foreclosure rate goes up so do its rates of high blood pressure, suicide attempts and ER and doctor’s …

Checking In to the Hospital? We’ll Need to Scan Your Palm, Please

Instead of letting precious time tick away as patients fill out forms and scramble around for health insurance cards, a New York City hospital is speeding up patient identification through palm reading – not the fortune-telling kind, but the type that uses a scanner to trace the unique web of veins in individual palms.

Abbottabad, a Hotspot for Medical Care

The scenic valley town of Abbottabad will forever be tied inexorably to Osama bin Laden, at least in Westerners’ minds. But the ordinarily calm, quiet town has long had another claim to fame: it is a major center of medical …

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