Lozenge/Patch Combo Best for Kicking Butts

Smokers are more than twice as likely to quit if they use the nicotine patch along with nicotine lozenges—compared to lozenges or patches alone, buproprion (Xyban), buproprion plus the lozenges or placebo. The trial was the largest study ever to compare these approaches head to head, and included 1,504 smokers.

All of the treatment …

One surefire tip for a long and healthy life

Sometimes it seems that every day offers a new, contradictory health finding. One day screening for prostate cancer is recommended; the next it’s not. One day the hot new superfood is acai berries. The next it’s dark chocolate, red wine, or fatty fish. Just about every new diet plan or exercise regime raises doubts about effectiveness or …

Smokers’ tongues less sensitive to taste

Adding to research that shows smoking can dull your sense of taste, a group of Greek ear, nose and throat specialists and physiologists recently conducted a study of 62 male soldiers—34 of whom were non-smokers, and 28 smokers—measuring their sense of taste using a technique called electrogustometry. The method entails administering

The dangerous stuff in tobacco snuff

A study analyzing the chemical composition of smokeless tobacco—snuff and chewing tobacco—finds that, in excess of the risks posed by tobacco and nicotine exposure, users are subjecting their bodies to an array of harmful chemicals. Confirming and expanding on previous research into smokeless tobacco products, the researchers found

Why Are More Kids Getting Hurt in Gym Class?

Between 1997 and 2007, the annual number of gym class injuries grew by 150%, according to a study published in this week’s edition of the journal Pediatrics. In 1997, there were an average 4.39 trips to the emergency room per every 10,000 kids; a decade later, that was up to 10.9 visits. “This is a really big increase,” says Lara …

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