Another Reason Not to Get Divorced: Bloggers Bare All

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Lisa Blumenfeld/Stringer

of the Boston Red Sox of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on March 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Like the Los Angeles Dodgers? Fascinated by the splits of the insanely wealthy? Love a bit o’ legal jargon? Then do we have a blog for you! Third year University of Minnesota law student Josh Fisher is a Dodgers fan, an appreciator of the finer details of business transactions and a guy with enough time on his hands — and the attention span — to sit in a courtroom for hours on end listening to matrimonial lawyers. He chronicles it all on Dodger Divorce (“Bleeding Dodger Blue, Cash-Flow Red, and Dollar-Sign Green”). (More on Divorce: It’s Not If You Fight, But How You Fight That Matters)

In case you’ve somehow missed this almost yearlong legal bunfight, Frank McCourt — no relation to the avuncular Angela’s Ashes guy — is divorcing his wife, Jamie. The split is so bitter and complicated and public they both have PR representation. (Jamie is — or was — repped by the same guy that reps Sylvester Stallone.) The McCourts jointly own the Los Angeles Dodgers, and for last five years of their marriage were hauling in a salary of about $2.3 million a month, according to court documents. Jamie wants about a million a month while it all gets sorted, and claims Frank is worth about $835 million, and McCourt Enterprises, $2 billion.

The legal issues are quite tricky, with a disputed agreement over ownership of the Dodgers at its center. It’s all very War of The Roses meets Any Given Sunday, but with baseball, so it’s attracted a lot of media coverage. But nobody has given it the loving attention that   Fisher has. “The California legislature expressed, through § 852(a), that the old system of not requiring an express declaration “encourage[d] a spouse, after the marriage ha[d] ended, to transform a passing comment into an ‘agreement’ or even to commit perjury by manufacturing an oral or implied transmutation,’” he writes of the legal issues behind the contentious Marital Property Agreements. Got that? (More on One-Night Stands Explained: Men Prefer Hot Bods to Pretty Faces)

Not for the casual reader, the blog attracts a lot of lawyer-readers, one of whom, Fisher presumably hopes, might be a future employer. Closing arguments in the Dodgers phase of the divorce hearing have been made and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon has a few months to make a ruling. Coincidentally, the Dodgers season has also ended. They didn’t do so well this year. It often happens when Mom and Dad are fighting.

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