Google Takes a Peek Inside Your Body

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via Google Body Browser

Google is the encyclopedia of all things. It maps your known universe, from your childhood home to the constellations above your head. Now it also gives you a window to the inner workings of your body.

The interface of Google Labs’ new software Body Browser is straightforward: you can rotate a three-dimensional image of the human body, and peel back its layers one by one. Peel away skin and see the muscular system; peel away muscles and see the skeleton, central nervous system and organs. Each layer can be hidden as well. There is also a search function that allows you to look up everything from the liver to a superficial palmar arch. (More on Want Good Health? There Are 10 Apps for That)

Google says its software doesn’t require a plug-in like Java or Flash, but users without a browser that supports WebGL, like Google Chrome or Firefox 4, won’t be able to use it.¬† Instead, they can watch a demo that Google put together on its development blog.

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