Divorced Couple Remarry After 56 Years

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Group of mature people toasting drinks, portrait

File this one away under: Adorable. A couple from Yorkshire, where both the cutest terriers and the nicest afternoon teas are from, have remarried after more than 50 years, according their local paper.

Their daughter Pauline gave away the bride, who’s 90 and called Elsie (I warned you about the adorability), at the Bridlington Register Office. Her new/old husband Leslie Harper, 94, a former Royal Marine, contacted Elsie after his then wife died but only proposed this year. “We’re finishing our lives on a high,” said Elsie. (More on What Your Brain Looks Like After 20 Years of Marriage)

Awww. The Blue Plate Special is going to be very special for at least two people this Valentine’s Day.