The Healthland Podcast: How Steve Jobs Lived and Died, House M.D., and ADHD Drugs

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Welcome back, and please remember to subscribe to this podcast for free on iTunes. That’s a poignant reminder this week, since it was Steve Jobs who launched iTunes. On the podcast this week, we talk about Jobs’ experimentation with recreational drugs as well as his cancer treatment. Also, John discusses why House M.D. has thrived as a TV drama. And Belinda dives into kids and ADHD drugs. Click the play button below to listen immediately, or again you can download the podcast to your mobile device here.

Sora talked about two Healthland stories on Steve Jobs: one that Maia Szalavitz wrote about Jobs’ use of LSD, and one that Alice Park wrote about pancreatic cancer, which took Jobs’ life.

Sora also talked about Alice’s story on the debate surrounding a big stem-cell breakthrough this week: scientists used cloning to create human stem cells for the first time.

John discussed his reviews of House M.D. as well as the controversy over potatoes in public-school lunchrooms.

And Belinda brought up ADHD drugs — many of which are stimulants — and the way kids, including her son, are using them. (She also talks briefly about her own Ritalin experiment.) And she talked about a new study on how to reduce teen obesity.

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