The Healthland Podcast: How Vitamins Can Hurt, Teen Sex, and How Money Affects Marriage

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We’re back with three great topics this week: research showing dietary supplements are linked to a higher risk of early death; evidence that the internet might actually be useful in teaching teens healthy sexual behavior; and new research showing that materialistic couples fare worse than impoverished ones. Listen by clicking the play button below, or link to iTunes, where you can download the podcast to your mobile device — and subscribe for free so that it’s downloaded each week automatically.

Sora started this week with news that dietary supplements (vitamin B6 and iron are just two examples) may shorten life in women, and that vitamin E intake may increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. (Alice Park wrote about both studies for Healthland.) John also mentioned his own feature in TIME that explains why supplements aren’t worth the money.

John went on to talk about the latest data on teens and sex: they’re doing it less and using condoms more, so why are STDs on the rise? His Field Note referred to this NPR story about how long to cook vegetables before their nutrients disappear.

And Belinda discussed her stories piece on money and marriage. Turns out, wealthier people are more likely to wed, but materialistic types are less happy they are in their unions.

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