Whole Foods to Stop Selling Chobani Yogurt

The grocer and yogurt company part ways

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Macintosh / MCT via Getty Images

Whole Foods announced on Wednesday that by early next year, it will stop selling the major yogurt brand, Chobani, in order to make more fridge space for smaller brands, specifically organic brands and those that do not contain GMOs.

By 2018, all foods sold in Whole Foods that contain GMOs will have to disclose it on their labels. According to the Wall Street Journal, since consumer demand for Greek yogurt options has risen in recent years (Greek makes up 45% of all yogurt sales in the U.S.), the store is challenging companies to create more unique options. Chobani uses milk with GMOs, although they do not use ingredients with preservatives and hormones. So Whole Foods will phase out the brand, to “make room for product choices that aren’t readily available” at other stores, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Hamdi Ulukay, Chobani’s founder told the publication that Whole Foods’ 370 stores are not a significant part of the yogurt maker’s sales. “Of course I would love to be available everywhere, but it won’t hurt our business,” he said.

Earlier this year, Chobani suffered a recall of their yogurts due to mold.