— percent of indoor tanning salons in Missouri that allows children as young as 10 or 12 years old to use tanning devices.


— The percent by which death rates for cancer overall have dropped in the U.S. over the last two decades


— Percent of family physicians expected to be using electronic health records in 2013


— percent of teen girls who have face-to-face meetings with strangers they initially contact online


— Percent of men who wash their hands in rest rooms when reminded by signs.


— --Percent of Americans who think it is possible to be very overweight and remain healthy.


— --Percent of specimens from flu sufferers submitted by doctors to the CDC that show a good match to the influenza strains in this year's flu vaccine.


— Percent of Americans over 18 participating in a national survey of drug use and health who were diagnosed with a mental illness in 2011.

10 minutes

— The amount of time it takes for a smoker to increase harmful pollutants in a car by 30%.


— Percent of large U.S. cities with laws that prevent smoking in public places.

346 million

— Estimated number of people worldwide with diabetes


— The average amount by which five energy drink makers under-reported caffeine content in their products.
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