What Causes Stress?

Here’s a chance to help scientists uncover the roots of stress. The Big Stress Experiment aims to be the largest-ever scientific investigation on the topic — and it’s recruiting help from the public. You take an online quiz about your feelings and your life experience. Then academic researchers take your data (anonymously) to determine …

Burning More Energy, Naturally

Scientists say they’ve engineered mouse and human cells to make more “brown fat” — the stuff the body uses to convert stored fat into heat. They hope this finding can lead to a simple new obesity treatment.

American Spending on Yoga, Echinacea and Acupuncture

According to data released this week tracking Americans’ out-of-pocket spending on health care, each year we fork out some $33.9 billion for “complementary and alternative medicine” — everything ranging from acupuncture and massage therapy to yoga and herbal supplements. The nearly $40 billion in spending represents just 1.5% of …

Can Surgery Cure Migraines?

A new study claims that surgery — plastic surgery, no less — has the potential to cure migraines. Of 49 patients who underwent the new treatment (similar to a traditional forehead lift), more than half reported their migraines were completely gone — eliminated. In total, 83% said their migraine frequency had declined by at least half.

Study Finds Swine Flu More Dangerous for Pregnant Women

According to a study published in this week’s issue of the British medical journal The Lancet, pregnant women who suffer from a case of the swine flu are at a higher risk for complications — and disease severity — than other people. The regular flu is generally more dangerous for pregnant women anyhow, but, according to the analysis, …

Welcome to the Wellness Blog

Staying on top of medical studies, mental and physical fitness tips, and breaking health news can be time consuming, and often confusing. On TIME.com’s Wellness Blog, health reporters Laura Blue and Tiffany Sharples do that for you — and then some. They make sense of new trends in fitness and diet, keep you up to speed on the medical …

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