Diet & Fitness

Study: U.S. Calcium Guidelines May Be Too High

Since bones tend to deteriorate with age, it makes sense to take in more calcium as we get older, to help lower the risk of fractures in our hips and limbs. But how much additional calcium is enough? And is there such as thing as too much?

Do Immigrant Kids Get Fat to Fit In?

Many foreign-born American citizens have said they feel that their fellow U.S. citizens question their Americanness. This spurning can be particularly difficult for immigrants’ U.S.-born children: some Asian-American kids, for …

The Search for the Elusive Hangover Cure

For as long as people have been drinking alcohol, they’ve been trying to figure out a way to avoid its woozy, nauseated, sensory-amplified aftermath. But is there really any foolproof strategy for preventing a hangover besides, …

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