Anita Hamilton

Anita’s journalism career began at her college newspaper, The Dartmouth, where she was a reporter and editor. Since then she has worked at CNET and PC World in San Francisco and TIME in New York. Currently an editor and contributor at TIME in New York City, she has also written for Businessweek, Fast Company, NationSwell and Time Out New York. You can find more of her articles on business, health, tech and lifestyle topics here or follow her on Twitter: @anitafhamilton

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Red-faced from drinking? It could be an evolutionary advantage

Lots of people get flushed in the face when they feel embarrassed, but for many Asians it’s the facial flush itself that can be embarrassing.

About half of all people of Asian descent share a genetic trait that causes a prompt reddening of the face in response to drinking alcohol — the result of an enzyme deficiency that interferes …