Which School Lunch Bill Is Best?

Congress may decide this week between two bills aimed at improving school lunch nutrition. Everyone from Alice Waters to Jamie Oliver to Michelle Obama has gotten on the school-lunch bandwagon — a key target in the battle …

Can Zapping Potatoes Make Them More Nutritious?

Giving potatoes a good soak in a salt water solution doesn’t seem that unusual. But dunking them in such a bath and then zapping them with a jolt of electricity is hardly a conventional culinary trick—even in the name of …

Leafy Greens May Cut Diabetes Risk

In a study of the effects of fruit and veggie intake on diabetes risk, kale and cabbage seem unusually protective.

Researchers writing today in the British Medical Journal found that — in data from six previous studies …

Making Meat in the Lab

Sat in on an interesting session on meat substitutes at the Institute of Food Technologists meeting. So here’s the argument, which you’ve no doubt heard before – most of the western world, including North and South America and Europe is a carnivorous group. We love our meat. Since the 1960s, our consumption of animal-based protein …

What’s in Your Fruit Juice?

More news from the Institute of Food Technologists meeting.

It’s always disturbing to hear about intentional cases of food adulteration – the melamine in infant formula, for example, because it represents a concerted effort to deceive, and in many cases, harm the public. But how common is such nefarious manipulation of our food?

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