Top 10 Everything of 2012

Top 10 Everything of 2012

In 55 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad of the past 12 months.

Health & Family

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Wait, what year is this??

The #1 medical "breakthrough" should be something that was actually discovered this year. Or this century!

Biologists haven't used the term "junk DNA" for a long time. This article is about 20 years late. What is this based on even? What data is this refering to? Where are the citations?

Check out the article "Revisitng junk DNA" from the Journal of Molecular Evolution in 1992. The second sentence in the abstract states, "A number of points are enumerated that collectively put in question the concept of junk DNA". No one teaches the concept of "junk DNA" anymore. They haven't for some time. Talk to some biologists and they have all known for many years that the genomes are full of transcriptional enhancers, promoters, insulators, splice branch sites, miRNAs, transposons, regions that make long non-coding RNAs, etc., etc., etc.

The average reader will not know anything about this subject, and because of this it is easy to get away with this, but the fact that the average reader doesn't have this knowledge is the very reason to get it right.

Good work "journalist". Try doing a little research before publishing. We scientists do!